Oluwatoyin Salau,19 Year Old Nigerian Female Activist Killed In America

Aaron Glee Jr., 49, was on Sunday arrested in his home in Orlando, FL shortly after the bodies of missing activists and conveyners of #BlackLivesMatters Oluwatoyin Salau, 19, and Victoria Sims, 75, were found at a home he rented in Tallahassee after police used GPS technology to lcate Sims phone which was located to Glee’s house police confirmed.

Toyin Salau at the protest OF Black Lives Matters

Victoria Sims, an AARP volunteer and retiree who is known for her work with elderly people for the State of Florida, was found dead in what Tallahassee police terms was a double homicide. She is also known by the name Vicki Sims.

Victoria Sims

The suspect, Aaron Glee Jr. 49, has been taken into custody over the double homicidal killings, police said in a press release. Authorities have not released any other information about the double homicide investigation other than to confirm the identities of the two murder victims and of the suspect.

Aaron Glee

Both women were highly regarded in the circle of other activists. Tallahassee.com reported: “The 19-year-old and 75-year-old met after recent protests over justice for black lives.” Salau, known as “Toyin,” spoke at BLM protests. Sims was also active in Democratic politics.

Salau filled her Twitter page with comments about race, police and other issues affecting society. “What do white people b tryna escape,” read one recent post.

“The media loves to censor black pain for a groundbreaking story there is no middle ground… keep reporting and fact checking stay on y’all toes,” read another. “Toyin was very passionate,” her friend Danaya Hemphill said, according to CBS News. “She was very vocal she was very loving, very spiritual, very caring. Toyin she was like a light in a dark room. That was Toyin.” According to CBS, Salau was “active in Black Lives Matter demonstrations, reciting the names of people who had been killed by police.” Orange County, Florida, jail records show Glee is being held on a warrant out of Leon County, where Tallahassee is located, charging him with felony murder and kidnapping. He is from West Palm Beach, according to the jail records. He was arrested by the Orlando Police Department on June 14. He had two recent battery cases involving other victims.

Salau and Sims were found dead in a double homicide Saturday night, June 15, the Tallahassee Police Department said in a press release. According to Tallahassee Police, Salau and Sims were found dead in the 2100 block of Monday Road.

According to the police press release:


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