[Must See Video] : Beware Of Eating Chickens Anyhow, Deadly Vaccines Injected Into Chickens Causes Cancer

Three doses of synthetic steroids, antibiotics & growth hormones are pumped into each chicken each day for 30 days, only to fatten them. Thereafter, the birds must be sold between the 30 to 40 day period failing which, the birds die on their own having been bombarded by the above poisonous concoction.
When these chicken are eaten, the consequences to consumers are not only alarming but disastrous.
Chicken Farm Owners, their families & Workers never ever consume these birds as they are fully aware of it.
In plain & simple words these birds are cancerous.
All Oncologists are aware of the situation.
Did you know, one in every four human beings has cancer. To confirm check with yours .

Tata Memorial Hospital request everyone to watch the video without deleting. This is not a normal forward. It is something very important. Request to spread it in your other groups.

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